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6th May 2023

We are now pleased to announce the launch of Dave Sinclair's Bandcamp music store for the first digital releases of his music. Apologies for the ongoing postal issues preventing Dave from shipping physical media.

Rare releases, such as Treasure Chest, are now available to all. Come check it out and stay tuned for more rare and live material to be released in the future.


8th APR 2023


Today is the 52nd birthday marking the release of Caravan's album In The Land of Grey and Pink!

Dave and his son Nic are now announcing a crowdfund campaign to revive the Hammond Organ UK A-100 organ, that gave early Caravan its treasured sound.

Check out episode 4 of Dave Sinclair ... The Lost Interview available via YouTube        , to find out more about the organ and the Caravan sound which Dave created.

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28th APR 2022


Here is our new video.

Dave Sinclair

 Peace In Time 

  ~La Paix Un Jour Viendra ~


2nd Sep 2021

My article came out in Canterbury-Kent newspaper about the 50th anniversary of Caravan's most iconic album, 'In The Land of Grey and Pink'

You can read it online Page 26-27.

9th Nov 2019
11月9日㈯ 令和元年度愛媛県県民総合文化祭に出演決定
「Island of Dreams ~ゆめのしま~」を高校生達とコラボ。


ソロパフォーマンスでは、未発表曲を含む2曲を披露。その後、済美高校・新居浜西高校・新居浜東高校の合唱部の約50名の皆さんが「Island of Dreams ~ゆめのしま~」を合唱、デイヴのピアノと共演しました。

13th  June  2019

アルバム‘Out Of Sinc’や、デイヴの現在の暮らしについてまとめてくれました。

Thank you Kanyoko-chan for travelling a long distance to interview me! I'm honoured that you are a true fan of my music at such a young age !!

1st  June  2019
6月1日㈯ 瀬戸内しまなみ海道


​場所は愛媛県の大三島、道の駅多田羅しまなみ公園。晴天の中、弓削高校音楽部の6人と「Island of Dreams」も共演。

DSC_0035 (1)_edited.jpg


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